Sleep soundly angel, I yearn to quest plans on the table, wire and cable  twisted Into fire and ice. I visit elicit rendezvous I am  the centre of it, crusader sword well worn and illicit,  enemy at the door blood covers the floor seeping through mosaic flooring, there for all is the physical warning. Whispers and truths are boring, ancestors crying and calling, steeples falling, immense creatures rising, like human eels quite frightening. I swing and decapitate, hordes of monsters pour through the gates, smells foul too late to berate, try and help me, any one friendly, any one friend me. Carry me gently, sleep overcomes me angels tell me, sleep well  my baby, ignore the lazy, build your wall, immensely



Where will the turn enter, rampage at the epicentre, deceit lent with gusto.                         Problems to the south, east and west, horned creatures battle in contest. Fire raging at extreme unusual temperatures, Sick twisted art and cold ugly literatures. Hidden symbols with political significance, worship with religious  reverence. Blood spilled my arms covered in red magnificence,  cordite and incense. Wallow wailing women carry vital evidence, all around the world lost sense, tense. Brutal youthful, beautiful, egged on school full. Loosen journey entry blurry, untruths make youths. Rivers of people, dark clouds carry evil, emanating signal, mindful control. A million lost souls, domains taken and captured, size dwarfing the start up. Temples and cathedrals, lands and castles, bones hollow rattles in dead of night, power out right.  Ruthless and reckless, bold adventurous, after an inch and a mile, leery sick smiles. Impale the world as it spins, let the chips fall where they will, two sets of twins. One for each vision, watch closely when you look at your television. Listen, howls and screams, foul stinking fiends, rotting as they shuffle, every one has a double, it began in a bubble. Execute the struggle, an entire army, turned on me, surrounded on every side, stripped flesh from my hide, steel pierced me, no place to hide, I knelt and offered up words to the skies. At the end of the day we all die.


Swag is just another word, right now its in fashion, gun in a waist, for a sucker to be blastin. Cos then you know there are haters, who wanna waste love, pretend they are hard, real thugs. Go about wearing only one glove, for them that know they are sending out clues. You see them at the back of the club, or hanging on the wall in the blues. Fools. Grow up listening to the words of their favourite rappers, believe every word they hear cos they are backwards, skipped class in the day so they don’t know much, and as such, they think they are hard and they act tough. Like the rappers that they listen to its all bluff. They have got a big mouth and they know how to cuss, being loud in the crowd, gives them a buzz, they have a need to be noticed, its an image and they try to promote this, but don’t be fooled cos its just like showbiz. and you will fine as long as you know this. Look at the case of Kanye West, out of all the rappers out there he was the best. What happened to him should give them all a large dose of reality, cos he was so big but he went out tragically, twenty million followers and a crazy back catalogue, known the world over some thought he was a God, so high in the game he came off as untouchable. What happened to him is extremely unusual, hot wife two kids life was beautiful. If he had beef he could have called on an army, but went on stage and attacked the illuminati. The enemy began to return his attack, now was the time he should have watched his back, and any friends or followers keep a close eye out, his wife and family, have his back no doubt. So where was the world when they took him in cuffs to the mad house. Never throw rocks in a glass house, the noise that was made was as quiet as a mouse. He was not mad he was angry and he was telling the truth, all his black brothers and sisters all of a sudden had an excuse, he is mad gone crazy, lips let loose, and this is proof. The man with the Grammies and a work ethic that’s relentless, all of a sudden is senseless. Give me a fucking break the man is a genius, and his so called friends were all jealous. He had so many styles not one, each new album different than the last one, he was no ordinary nigga, he was the one had us singing out “Gold digger” Most of all we all loved him. Little kids wanted to be just like him, what the fuck happened to him?                        Three weeks being tortured and not one person caught this, and told it how it is, is that what they call showbiz. Not a leader looked out for him, and his only sin, telling the truth. You all got used, by the people he told you about, did you hear him shout? At the risk of my career, my life, he went for the touchdown, and we let him be dragged down. Without a sound, not a whimper, radio limper, than my dick in the winter. Fake news, fake rappers so called friends gone backwards, not a one tried to save him, goddamn. Not a woman or a youth or a man, we should all hold our head in shame, cos we let the devil take him and send him insane. His wife leads him around by the hand, he stopped posting on instagram, and all the other social media outlets, so what about this? We know he has changed, had his brain fried and rearranged, but don’t ever say you care or give a fuck, you are just acting tough, all you radio deejays, made a name playing his stuff. I have had enough, fuck you all, don’t like then TOUGH, I don’t give a flying fuck?


Animal lands, human plans, fishing banned. Oil owned, oil spilled, oil drilled.                      Different class, common folk, common goal, bent top brass.                    Threats to kill, protect evil, children’s homes, no go zones.                           Cover up, covered up, politicians desire to fuck.                                    Little kids, play on swings, adults play with other things.. Damaged goods, turned to drugs, drain the state, far too late. Healing doctors, special branch, have a headache, use a lance. Boating outing, kids all shouting, what a ride, over the side. Used and abused, care home victim, all a ruse. Paid thousands for every victim, try to tell, no one listened. Soldiers march off to war, no idea what they are going for, ask Mr Blair ignore weapon agenda, ask him what he replied when Bush called him Miranda. Google that if you don’t already know, ways of the world, stay unknown. Common folk don’t get the joke, we pay our taxes, and watch them go up in smoke.



The acting fraternity turned out this evening, awards shiny and gleaming, handed from one to another, smiles backslapping, films about lovers. Movies that move us,  winners and losers. Always a Judas, Polanski, crude as Tarantino defends his despicable acts, every one claps, others laugh, sick motherfuckers, dresses and tuxes. Morality in the films they produce, behind the scenes they abuse, mixed signals, one law for the famous and wealthy. Frankenstein to Weinstein, creating films all the time, Gods of the screen. The world of make believe, children deceived, actors are put on a pedestal for us mere mortals to worship. This is were the world is, this is the millennium, arms sold all over the world, five minutes to nuclear war, above the law, every so often an actor is thrown out and left to fall, a sacrificial lamb, but we understand. Goddamn!

My Role

Going through childhood attending church every week as a protestant produces an adult that is full of beliefs. A belief system has been indoctrinated into that child now a man. Then through research the truth is revealed and yet it becomes a battle of will to drop the beliefs that were ingrained. The same can be said for most beliefs forced upon an young mind which makes it easy to understand why people are how they are, some spend a whole adult life trying to understand their own behaviour.

Nowadays I use the word karma, times I head out I put on my armour. Shield myself from words as well as physical blows. Riots on the streets, pain shows.

To join an action and lend my support, first I contemplate, use thought. Of many offences, so many chances, so much is wrong, so many, which connection do I belong?  Small or go large, invest time, or march, country of birth, which is worth, my time. My energy shines like a beacon, meditation from my inner sanctum. Violation, nation on nation. Sex scandals rock relations, charities abuse their power, heads disappear. Move on and escape justice, I struggle with just this, one fault of so many, where to begin, throw up a penny, heads or tails, dig deep and portray a being hard as nails. Empathy belies my truth, but they have no excuse. Instead I write and use, search for clues. More knowledge more reality that I cannot change a thing, although I go on living, supporting women. Children, downtrodden, abused, look for God and. I know its hopeless, God is each of us, begin with religion, catch up with the system, find the right rhythm. The end game is in sight, for the winners, we are just lacing up our trainers, so far behind, its a shame. They make the rules, its their game, and they don’t play fair. Prepare to fail, if you fail to prepare, its not like I don’t care cos I do. So much is wrong I think myself blue. Still end up having no clue, a little of this, oh and I look at the gap, between rich and poor. Shootings galore, it keeps happening, more, drones kill hundreds in Syria and Pakistan. Saudi, women are banned, from driving a car, children abused, actors are stars. My brain is dizzy, karma cant fix it all, I rise only to fall, in the hole of my soul.


Dial tone, crime committed. No one home, angry visit.

Choices made, sad and timid. Spinning world, violence livid.

Smashing pictures, love terrific. Senseless tears, past insipid.

Black map open, nothing in it. Fighting truth, empty planet.

No excuse. Hard like granite. Open eyed, realistic.

Walk away, go ballistic. Accept, move on, act domestic.

Journey on, it’s not worth it. Plain old truth, close the curtain.

Endless time, no more hurting!