The blast from the burst, that created our universe, molten rock fired from the top, of a live volcano, inside there is a feeling, akin to these earth shaping deeds an, an energy equivalent to the revenance  of a great cathedral, any thought believable, any ambition achievable, life is so so beautiful, around me the […]


Relation, relate, family, debate, hostile and friendly, if I broke who would mend me? Help me, put the stone in place, help me heal the human race, let me, touch your face. Honour bound, screaming sounds, play directly, into my brain, slowly watch the blood drain. Pale and thin, prisoners skin, freedom, time to begin. […]


Result Friday afternoon, date of the sixteenth, June, ba bam boom! Could not have come too soon. Pockets full of coloured paper bills, evening full of thrills, to look forward to. As it is also the boys birthday and he has a couple peeps coming through, think I will also buy a couple brews. Some […]


11.15, warm, night air brings flying insects closer to a backhand, bam and I am swinging my arm through the air and spectacularly missing the winged creature. My neck cricked as the arm went up, ouch, oh, oh , oh, honestly, oh. Carried on rubbing my neck while stepping, “fuck! that fucking hurt!” talking to […]


Each and every day presents challenge, part of being human, we manage. Times we live, lives entwined, net capability, poker, big blind. Era of tears, if I have to define, sometime that’s the problem, where comes the line? Must we put a label on the face of the earth, does it belong to who came […]


A pine cone, a mobile phone, nature manufacture, pineal gland source of rapture. The false truth, misled youth, so confused, lies so great, time to activate, your pineal gland. No matter which land, your feet stand, all are able, put down the childhood fables. Instead look out for books that remain hidden, but impart wisdom, […]


Senses, I never really give a thought to them, just know I got ’em, right? I can see clearly, Johhny Nash, love that track. Feel me, just a sayin, but why do I have to remind you, feel me, put your arms around me, get it now, why so slow, are we all dumbed down?  […]