Like a fuel so rad it can change the brain, instead of drudging to the shop in the rain, you are still playing that game. When you was a boy and we all chased, speed, we would bomb it, that freedom gushes in, no tricks to pull you in, pure, breathing hard, chest heaving through […]


Hey, My legs will be in tune with my eye, I’ll be the sweetness in that piece of pie. Watch me get the crowd up, have them vibing with me, asking who’s that guy, soul of the party. Looking so fine I was down for my paper, watch me work see it in my makeup, […]


Result Friday afternoon, date of the sixteenth, June, ba bam boom! Could not have come too soon. Pockets full of coloured paper bills, evening full of thrills, to look forward to. As it is also the boys birthday and he has a couple peeps coming through, think I will also buy a couple brews. Some […]


Knock on the door, 5pm, and I am chilling out, alone. I answer the door, “Yes, Lee,” It is my neighbour/mate, Lee. He looked well, now don’t get the wrong impression when I say he looked well because it is totally out of context to what I mean. I am considering how he used to […]

So Wrong For So Long

Will twenty seventeen be the year I finally get clean? Woven stories turn out different scenes. Same old story, same old druggy stuff, and lets be honest, who really gives a f*(k? Here I be, little old me, got loads of stories, filled with misery, carefully ¬†scripted, don’t empathise, its all self inflicted. I make […]

Then To Now 360

  I lived a life cloaked in crime, my motto, what’s yours is mine. Had no thought of love carried not a jot of empathy, to survive on street, needed to horde negative energy. Funny how that works right, like a jungle we are raised to fight, each other, even a brother. Like little packs […]