Amy Winehouse died too soon, I feel her sat alone in my room, genius Miss, and a shame, but that is the price some of us have to pay for the game. We, I think were the same, there is no one to blame her life was in the lane. Mine is in another, I... Continue Reading →


Alone on the corner getting soaked cos its raining, no complaining No love at home, folks fell for the stone, turned you into an afterthought Walked out the door foe the last time, step one on the road to crime. Step two find a shank, some thing sharp and handy, never get angry Stay cold,... Continue Reading →

Living life, every day, wasting time, some might say, I don't mind, love my life. Made a decision earlier, don't want to make it more than what it is, its this Have a break from smoking stone, choice was mine, made on my own I have done it before, lasted a few months I remember,... Continue Reading →

Do you know the amount of people that cant be on their own bruv. I know one girl that will not stay in her flat alone unless she has "aids" to assist her. I just done talking to a guy. He is back buying crack. He works every day till seven, you would think all... Continue Reading →

I had a really weird experience a few weeks back, and handled it superbly to be fair. The night involved the Champions league final, Liverpool- Madrid. I phoned my brother and asked him to grab me and I watch at his. An hour before kick off he picked me up in his new Mercedes, black,... Continue Reading →

Mystical, metaphysical, number seven has a meaning of it's own. Symbols Communication, why do we always use signs, cant we talk face to face Elusive, grace, humility, travel demir galaxy, demi gods offer love from above. The truth is we both want to survive but the signals don't look good, green and blue Black holes... Continue Reading →

Back in the day when I was suffering with a gear habit I would get a teEnth of gear for 45/50 quid. I could make nine maybe ten bags so doubling my money. The profit would take care of my habit and that was my little hustle. Nothing major, I had a few local users... Continue Reading →

Mechanical operational, commander in chief, begin to plan the strategy professionally. Each mission although the same is different, an edge, an air, excitement, flavoured. Irrational, still the pull, the white hard texture, so typical, absurd addict fickle. The urge commands from deep inside, the brain the mind, the suicide, plied. Selfishly, my want ends with... Continue Reading →

Been a good season this time around thankfully, a relief actually. Last three were the worst three in the last half cebtury, regretfully. Smiles all around no frowns, happiness inside. Kindness in our eyes, emotions with no disguise, honesty. Yes it has been good for me. Now i feel the time has come for a... Continue Reading →

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