Woe is me, but my choice to swerve dealing with feelings, aids my reluctance to confront misery. Oh the hurt and abuse that accompanied times of my youth, just gets so confusing, if I choose to put thought and emotion into finding a shelf that comes with owning. So I am moaning and smoking and […]


Don’t look down at me, call me a crack head, lay down in my bed, but I need my integrity. I will never bow down, the truth is the best of me, morals are ninety per cent of me. Yes I smoke crack, but I will never turn my back, I need you to know, […]


“I know” my automatic response, not out of disrespect but I am aware of the situation from both sides. We walked side by side to the cash machine and I listened as she recounted her side of having a son addicted to crack. I was not sure whether she knew if his problem was sniff […]


Not every junkie will rob you, not every dealer will kill for territory, each individual is exactly that, an individual. Nowadays it is rare to find a crack house, a place where you can go and score and stay and use. More likely you will have a number to call and a dealer will turn […]


Tricky situations i get into every day, at my age i should know better, but when a man is out of order he better, know that age is just a number, and personally to be humble, i live on a  day to day basis, times it is nice, but fools let me get into a […]


Got an AUDI A8 it can sing like Whitney, got a brick for sale you can do Britney, with the pack ten times do you get me?  Words like that in my ear when I step back, from the gleaming Audi with my twenty rock. Prostitutes and thieves the disaffected and the youth, and other fiends […]