56mins8seconds total concentration finally it is done, complete, finito Daily Sudoku, this one took some time to get through, damn fives and sixes Scratching my head asking "what the hell is this"? a head twist. I can never put it down once I start the whole process, times takes long Times much less, tonight it... Continue Reading →


Raised on a diet of bad days, add on the bad nights s'how I was raised Blazed. Bud from an early age I used to be reckless, fronted any come to test us. Kissed by the devil I went head first, committed many wrongs never right Counted bad cash under the street lights, defended my... Continue Reading →

Amy Winehouse died too soon, I feel her sat alone in my room, genius Miss, and a shame, but that is the price some of us have to pay for the game. We, I think were the same, there is no one to blame her life was in the lane. Mine is in another, I... Continue Reading →

What is the golden rule for writing a blog post, a great title maybe, brilliant advice to share or some other piece of interesting detail to offer the reader, well the answer is beyond me. I have no wish to sell anything I just need to unload stuff on my mind some times. I write... Continue Reading →

TV two kids caught by police spraying a truck, the kids took home, usually I see parents cursing police and am saddened but this time the car owner turns up and the parents tell the kids to apologize and ask if the guy would let the kids work for penance. He agrees and I get... Continue Reading →

The times she had a blanket and would never let it go at night The colour was grey originally used to be bright white, I had to sneak The thing from her tiny gripped fists after she had fallen asleep Replacing the blanket with a pillow case the race was then on Wash and dry... Continue Reading →

My my my, what a fine day, bubbles in the fizzy makes my mind play. Memories to the fore, as I rest on the laurels of the past call it yesterday. Little girl with a fever, big blonde curls wet and flat, made me feel sad Christmas eve walking up the road holding hands made... Continue Reading →

Alone on the corner getting soaked cos its raining, no complaining No love at home, folks fell for the stone, turned you into an afterthought Walked out the door foe the last time, step one on the road to crime. Step two find a shank, some thing sharp and handy, never get angry Stay cold,... Continue Reading →

When I am organised in my head I can organise my actions. A purpose keeps me focused I have found, surprised myself Holding a parcel for some one else, my sense of duty sense of self Kicked in determined not to make a fool of myself, practical test Never touched a crumb, I confess. Ok... Continue Reading →

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