“I know” my automatic response, not out of disrespect but I am aware of the situation from both sides. We walked side by side to the cash machine and I listened as she recounted her side of having a son addicted to crack. I was not sure whether she knew if his problem was sniff […]


cannot love yet I love, wish on dreams just because, confused with expectation but I try and conform, never get it right, still I am told its the norm. Humans are not robots, not for now anyway, but I think they are on the way. Cant change time, cant hold back the future, even if […]


Easy living, Cheshire cat keep grinning, but the smile hides a lie, round here you can die. Over the colour of a vest, the way you wear it on a chest, it all becomes relevant, when shot callers send a posse out. its with a hella sent evil, don’t join if you carry that feeble, […]


Sometimes you can be wrong.  An old friend arrived at the door. She needed help. I begrudgingly obliged. Next she sat down and I felt frustration until I asked if she planned on staying till her money went in after midnight. She said it would help. Knowing this I was cool with it and focused […]


Not every junkie will rob you, not every dealer will kill for territory, each individual is exactly that, an individual. Nowadays it is rare to find a crack house, a place where you can go and score and stay and use. More likely you will have a number to call and a dealer will turn […]