Some are dumb some are ignorant, some are victims some are innocent, some dismay others are heaven sent, some are an open book, some are belligerent, some are joyous, some are sullen, all are born to be God’s children. All turn out completely different. Advertisements


Little feet move swiftly with no contact with the ground, hunger was with me, nobody was around. Bigger feet play on the grass joyful squeals and youthful laugh.¬† Sunshine shone brought down sweat, needing love leaves much regret. Bigger feet betray their size, deflected truth complete lying eyes, somewhere hidden knows no disguise. Bigger feet […]


Here i am awake again middle of the night invisible friends, a director¬† through a lens, watch the night go by foxes at the bins, single white male, walking round the bend. Alone with my thoughts, ideas trapped and caught, transfer them to paper, much safer than trying to remember, i cant recall what i […]


Travelling as I was, the sky was just because, that is the way of all of us. Some have no idea, master the art of wealth to join a peer, group on group, excuse each move with yet another excuse. Ignore clues, bully fools, expand pools, ignore rules, modern excuse. Social ills, red and blue […]


Glow, if it is not enough to be known, glow, chin up bum out glow, go for what you know. Walking carefree, moving amongst thoughts of you I need to be talking to you, glow. Throw the shackles in the mud, the sky is much brighter the lighter, and leave them, open another chapter. Straining […]


The love from my WP family keeps me up, I need to write around write around, around here I slowed, planned, took out the complicate, penned the intricate, thread loop. Hey every body bloggers, we are great, we write, we protest, we share, we reveal, and the common denominator, to me, is a good old […]


Crazy if you ask me, I am grateful that I gained through you doing wrong, big shoulders, but what a thing for you to do. I stand up and declare myself beautiful, full of life, understanding, the real part of life is death and knowing you are ready. No doubt this is not fake, it […]