The image of a writer, the shadow of a fighter, plaster falling off the walls, turn the vision way brighter. Try to be smart like a Sony TV. Achieve firepower rob the military armoury. Blow in the wind, every thing is imaginary, learn a lesson turn around be a visionary. Black holds the night like a python real tight, two lovers clinging to each other, absorbing every caress, the plight of a refugee, totally hopeless, fucking homeless, blameless. A privilege to be born in the West. A worm pulled from the earth and taken to a nest. So many people in the city centre always gets me  stressed, such a flipping test. Bears ripping the head from a salmon stocking up on fat, salmon swimming up a river trying to find their way back. Standing still in a rainstorm enjoying the thrill of getting wet, capture the feeling store it forever never exchange it for a bet. Destroy a species make it extinct, don’t give it a second thought. hand over brown envelopes for rhino horn you just bought. Little healthy new born babies still need to suckle mothers. Decade to remember which one I cant remember, drug dealers like to break down heroin in the family blender. Brown envelope through the door write on,  return to sender. Snow falling silently from the sky, although beautiful, some will die, consequences of the cold, consequence of getting old. No pension to fall back on even though you worked your whole life time. Some smarmy fucker took it and it is not even considered as a crime. Theatre and the opera, driver in a rolls, on his way to get you, last glance in the mirror straighten the tiara. Solar power in Africa lighting all the villages, pop star named Akon, giving electricity to millions. The kind of news the world could do with to balance all the negative. Unfortunately the media is controlled and we cant get any news that’s positive. How wonderful to be living in the millennium, it makes no odds to a house wife steady popping valium. Needing a reason and a way to cope with the ongoing tedium, wanting fun. Not knowing where it all went wrong, met a man and was swept along till the trap was set. Fake heroes and idols sell the devil to disciples, and every team protects a Harvey Weinstein. Rocking through the summer attending all the festivals, dragging a brother from the rubble and trying to reach a hospital. Bend the knee set a mind send a prayer to a cross or a crescent moon, integration wont run you a cracker or a coon. Black velvet cushion deep green jade, luck of a stone, the builder had to lay, sweat on his collar, dedicated to his craft, investing every second, holding every second breath. Networking collecting data, take down all the trees waste a lot of paper. My generation third generation honoured as the ones to destroy all nations. Too far gone to undo that which is done, we use the earth as a gun.



Relative, blood lines, mood lines going back to fun times, relative, as if,

I slapped my friend, no more pretend, I took it to ghetto school, no more playing a fool., it was already unusual. Now thunder and lightning gripped my mental, crashed through my head, it was instrumental, in where we were now headed. No more Mr nice guy, you used up any link you had with my family, cashed the chips, back to reality. You took the best of me. It was a sin check a bible, listen to the words of a Christian, I know you’re into your religion. I remember you used to hold a congregation, after Funkadelic told us there was only one nation. The right hook you possessed used to be a revelation, I don’t forget son. Girls on your arm, egging you on, you went along, I knew at the time it was wrong. Still I laughed along, too many sad songs, scumbags doing wrongs. every one scared to tell you it was wrong, we could all see you were strong, we played along.

I come around I make tea, I spend time, you knew my family, I treat you with respect. Walk slowly by your side,  waiting, it was a pain I don’t lie, but I did it, admit it, I asked for nothing. I never wanted nothing, I made you spliffs, never bugging, helping you meant mostly I was buzzing, off the fact I was serving another for no reward, just because. Go shop for cigarettes, you should have realised you were blessed, with my favour. I guess it was beyond ya. Cos when you had the stroke it was karma, the whole right hand side, you would pulverise, an innocent victim, of the night, it wont right.  Now every little action is beyond you it must cut through, you, like a knife, as every night, you sit alone in your home. Spend every penny on weed help you get into a zone. Nobody answers any more if you phone.

To kill some time have all the teenage kids in the area in your home, smoking bud that you have them buy. Alcohol as well times I  would  pass by, clock the scene, there are times when I could cry, advice at times I would try, no point you were high. Still it never stopped you phoning me if you need me, and there I would be, at the door, but no more. What for, when you give,  people want more, come to expect shit. Want to test it, treat me as if I don’t know the score. Took the respect I had for your past, abused it like it would last. Now it is over, I am over, done. You plead for my help but I wont come, I aint your son. You should have treated me better, I was the only one that would come around to help you, needing nothing from you, I got you dressed, how quick you forget. On the phone at your request, arguing your case, I took your stress, I was a friend one of the best. Saturday afternoon you called me to your house, I came I wasn’t doing owt. Wire the speakers to the television, loudly listen, to the football, a gang of kids called, I asked for a beer, “What! I didn’t hear” I asked again, “But wait are we not friends”? “I have never asked you for a dime except this time, and you knock me back while giving to these kids” I am gone “Good riddance”  Learn a lesson and move on, me and you are done. If I see you outside I cross the road, I am on another road,, with another load.


What is that whoosh spreading unusual stuff and will it be enough to make a difference to a lone wolf? Those smiling eyes you notice in the mirror now want to make a father figure of the unembraceable you, can it be true or are you still gonna use? How do screams wanting you not to leave now make you believe, how, just because you are sought out in the dead of night, and this little bundle cuddles up right, by your side, do you think you are down for the ride for the rest of your life. How is it that the universe you inhabit can stop on its axle sending all you know scattering right past you, and at you. Crashing and laughing at the same time your world should be trashing makes no sense at all but still you are willing to fall, on a sword, answer a call without question. The one and only situation not able to lessen the reality in your reality. Life that thus far you have been able to label and jar and leave on a shelf, now has no shelf to be left on, has you asking yourself questions, well just one. Like who dropped a bomb, why is this different from everything else that went before, why is this door touching the core of the person inside me profoundly? A boy that wants me and more needs me changes my world completely, do i see me, feel me, whatever it is he has me ultimately from this second on, to the day or second i am no longer on, this earth.


Pain is subjective, what ever one can live with, each to his own, we choose our battles when we are grown. Love can turn a heart to stone.Whips can leave welts showing. Two grown men sat discussing their tragic ends, absently i sit and listen, a long time ago i made my decision. Through many lonely days and nights i grew my spirit to absorb this life. Days like today make me think that i was right. Two friends of mine relive the strife, that each is living in each life. Banned from seeing children on xmas day, the object of his misery, his ex who he does not wish to see. Another man trying to unload his anguish, him and his boy outlandish, the mother decides to pick a side, it was not his, killed the xmas bliss, not for him a xmas kiss. The negative energy two grown men bring around me, i have a modicum of empathy, relationships are not for me. My weakness is my inability to deal with the emotional pain a relationship can bring. It  is my choice to stay alone, my kids while growing had no arguing tears and screams to cope with, over time i learned to live with, me, so now i am alone permanently, and i add happily. My poor two friends carry the weight of emotional misery.


Contact the living give instruction to avoid misgiving, earth ray still vivid. Anger livid, scared who isn’t, fear tear apart, rip out my heart, eat of my flesh, aggressive, blood run red, smash my limbs, no restraint, no remorse set a course and power forth, stretch limb from limb, burn all of my sin, rip out an eye with excess force, nature alone knows the course and sweeps through trees grass buildings shattered glass. No colour code can save the world from learning, tonight every thing is burning, miraculous, angels cursing. On its head fast reversing, mercilessly, keep on turning, sending cities towns and vermin, to their death no more virgin. Snow and ice, crushing forces, pressurised, giant tortoise. Oil galore iron ore, super gush, what, a rush, all because, death became her, and me and you. Every clue in history points to me in steel and fire, fierce a warrior, painted forever. See stars shown to me by giants, hidden moons, minds compliant, shown zones, in thousands of years still unknown. Disbelief science of faith, what to make, I care not. Micro manage rage untapped, thunder claps, applauds my savage intent, rain hell bent. Rivers rush, strip away earth like sand trickling through a child’s hand. Golden speckles, here there gone and shown, water crashes onward down, washing mountains, smoothing marble, moving boulders, raging torrents, grab a drink head back and gargle.