Hey boiling up- feels like fever. Love Mariah- ultimate diva. Aiming high- big achiever. Tall trees that'll be a cedar. Long cool drink - orangina. Hit the road M5 Beemer. Love my girl - she's a screamer, lay in bed- I am a dreamer. Shady outfit - that'll be FEMA. Here's my girl now, hello... Continue Reading →


We all must have an idea because I admit the facts are only too clear. I am far from an intellectual and yet I can see it is factual that we all mutual are facing the same foe and before I go I must try. Although I will more than likely die or worse end... Continue Reading →

Walking with a lean to the right, leg gone, right side light Destination quarter past, only if the night lasts, melody Trip hopping, no access, me stopping, momentarily, edgy If the road falls into a sinkhole I need you to try and stop me. Tumbling lower hoping for an answer but find nothing here Side... Continue Reading →

Me, personally speaking, am a straight down the line guy. Speak my mind, not ideal in company but I am so important I sense that quelling the rising indignation easily risen I must add, would affect the equilibrium that exists in both halves of my self. To fight instinct, that is the thing, instinct protects.... Continue Reading →

About to happen, it is going to happen right about... right about It is an accident waiting, as inevitable as a stripper gyrating Birds migrating,  salmon swimming upstream u et my meaning Fed up of being the butt of my own jokes, ok. Yes. One smokes Too much at times don't commit crime cept on... Continue Reading →

Hello. If you could see me right now, right now you would If I could that I should then lets just say its good you cant Last New year remember drinking alcohol and smoking bud Dancing till I sat out on a couch and crashed out right there This year it is me and me... Continue Reading →

Never been much of a drinker it must be said, but not tee-total New Years eve and still rushing here and there but local New lamp some groceries batteries cat food and then the booze Sweat dripping last minute shopping what will I choose, mmmmm Captain, Rum and black is what I will be shifting,... Continue Reading →

Life as we all know is a miracle of minor moments relative to each participant. Terror and elation just as close to each particular person. It can be the most and also can be the lowest, stories in abundance are known to all participants. Of heartache and brutal living and also the useful giving there... Continue Reading →

I have spent xmas day with the two jewels and their mother. I must admit that xmas in the past has been a time of trepidation, not knowing which mother would show up. Today was perfect as last year so that is two in a row, My boy let his mum take all the pics... Continue Reading →

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