Benny and Bird, two ordinary lads growing up in Moss Side, Manchester, had made plans to meet up at around one o'clock to go to  the city centre. Bird was eating breakfast, his mum prepared eggs and bacon and fried dumplings, every Saturday. Just turned fifteen Bird was already taller than his mum, 5'9", and... Continue Reading →


Do you ever wonder what you said or wonder why you said it, Or do you speak and straight away forget it, control or let it Express every thing to let carnage ruin it, heart tames cruelly Only after earning the title man, are you equipped to cope Love the cruel joke, take that trip... Continue Reading →

Seems to me society is set up in a way that makes it so I have a ceiling. Don't talk to me about I can make prime minister, that uptown bluster Your happiness is fake, my pain is real, I love it, the pain I feel, alive Truth, in these digital times, digital crimes, angry... Continue Reading →

Experiments working as predicted, maintain slavery, keep the population unaffected. Thousand years ago we were princes with a knowledge of the earths workings, fine Till the earth turned a mass genocide into a way to commit the intended crime Now perpetuation across the nation keeps areas of land constantly ghetto down No dads around to... Continue Reading →

Its gonna be great. Its for the title. Like win this and you got the title. You know, yeah, the light weight title, that's it, the light weight title.  You win that, so yeah. Testing you, you got a break, what, you don't do that, loyalty  bro, loyalty that's why,  an I told a story of unloyalty,... Continue Reading →

Hayley 21, 83 December Leah, 20. 84, Hayley June, me 21. 1983 TT  and LP. Genevieve's nightclub, Trevor Bogey, Wadey, Freddy, Gilly, Neil, Ste, Bigga, Sinclair, Stella, Wythenshaw. After being in Moss side all evening with Lesley, get the fifty three bus to longsight, it was the start of the nightlife. Home at Kirky getting... Continue Reading →

After Bill Cosby they can touch anybody. Beware of the stare, There was a public lynching in 2018, fairer sex acting mean. Charlie Sheen owned up to passing on AIDS, he didn't see jail Class action I think aimed one way, Bill wanted to be television Had a vision. All over we hear only one... Continue Reading →

I was disturbed when I first realised my colour disturbed, some Took a while, I was not used to this then, slowly it sank in My arrogant proud confident swagger took a stutter, step Back in time, found out early some love is a crime, love is blind I was told in a disgusted tone,... Continue Reading →

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