Born to nothing while nothing is planned, empty is my hand

As a child with screams and cries in the night the moon does rise

Growing up in Manchester a city big in the UK, take my life

Day to day. No big dreams just average things, a job, a car

Thoughts dont carry me too far, maybe sing be a pop star

Every child thinks such things at times, truth be told

One in a million achieve such goals, instead a normal role

Young and strong with an iron will find myself with time to kill

Love of sports and outdoor causes, strengthen bones, forces

Lean and mean and ultra keen for rich rewards that TV shows

I want mine like you want yours i will fight without cause

Involved in many wars, fighting other hooligans for no spoils

Just a name, a street boy with an yearn for fame, it came

Known around as a staunch member, no matter the odds

No surrender, fight to the end whatever that means

This is how we support our teams, drink beer like fiends

Early twenties wanting more here comes crack landing

At our door. Understanding the way the world works

Doors wont open without money first. Time to put in work

Times are forever changing gotta keep up be amazing

Dont pray for me i dont need saving, i am not crazy

Have a strong work ethic far from lazy, plus the feds dont faze me

Put a small crew together make a plan find a stash then learn

How to wash. What do i mean by that turning coke into crack.

Seems easy from far off eyes, we all know God loves triers

Up early in the morning dressed in black, time to earn

Early bird gets the worm, cept i am chasing snakes, selling crack

Is great. Great reward if you put the work in, thousands of pounds

So deserving. Money i could not have dreamed of coming my way

Making a few quid each and every day, plus a few more at night

Feds be watching, stay out of sight, now there is a new enemy

Pretend to be friends but they are not friendly, looking for a way in

This is the new way called the taxman, looking for sheeps

In wolves clothing, show a weakness then they close in, stay strong

Protect your income or else they will sink their teeth in

Selling drugs isnt so easy, not for all please believe me.

There are the few that fall from grace just because they took a taste

Try to hide it but before too long you cant deny it, money low

Face is gaunt got to go. Left behind by your friends, for you

Its the end. If you are lucky when you score your old mates

Will remember who you were. Some end up doing four

Years in pen, caught up in an operation by the feds.

What a life for this Northern child born without dreams

Carried along serving fiends making mine by any means

Where it ends no one knows all i can do is hit my goals.

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