Addiction is a strange thing really cos there is a million and one variations. I have known a few in my time, experimentations. Some stuck around a while while others became brief flirtations. Addiction can make your life take the wrong direction, too many hours sat reflecting, on what might have been, to what it is, what a way to live.

Usually an addict wakes early, accompanied not by an urge for loving from your woman, no you want a fix to not feel sick, what a trip. Addiction writes the script, you just follow how the plot goes, yeah it blows but what you gonna do when addiction got the best of you. Early as the sun rise to last thing at night, addiction takes your mind.

Where it leads you will follow, beg steal and borrow, whatever it may take to stop your body shake, and then do the same again tomorrow. All your words are hollow have no feeling, say them but have no meaning, inside you steady fiending, say stuff just to please them, girlfriends always leaving. Drugs please dont even…………..

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