How to prepare for a war against the masses, the classless. Not a war with bombs and bullets as is the norm, whats coming is a storm. The terror of silent weapons, targeted individuals hit by digital systems. Sorry to have to tell you but its happening all around you. The destruction of the place is just another phase, i believe the minds of people are destroyed while mass upheaval brings down city after city, finance removed bankruptcy. Poison in the water, sadly a mass slaughter is occurring. Its like a jigsaw puzzle but nobody has all the pieces, so many new diseases. Autism on the rise, vaccinations are crimes, so much disinformation keeps everybody guessing. The penal system preying on the poor, racist to the core, modern day slavery at he door. No education, no money no job feel like life is just a wasteland. California fires started without wires, smart meters coming soon to a home near you, then we get the 5g with the phones. Crumbling your bones, silent war is here, find the proof its not hard. Recognise and play a part, speak out

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