Its a dream after all this time awake what else can it be? Classic F1 race kicking off on the t.v, 2000 Japan to coincide with the race this weekend. Hurricane expected on Saturday to rip across the island, say a prayer. Nipsey Hussle, VL, best hip hop album of 2018, and he got shot dead months after the release, aged 33, no mystery. No conspiracy, but what is it about the age 33? “Said he grew up in a house there was love missing” The sounds are gently bumping coming from my system, got two on the table, listen. Its my birthday and i will smoke if i want to, and i do. In between hitting it i am writing it, thinking, i dont want to do no drinking, its not me. Gonna make a cup of tea, back in three, Nipsey’s celebrating, Tupac of his generation, damn i would like for those words to be mine. Chill its fine, i am happy in my lane, i am not in it for the fame, to me its the game. The game of my life and how i go about it, gives me something to focus on, write about, plus i am marking history, some mega digital library, will store it, lose it only to be discovered a thousand years on and the whole earth lives from my words. That would obviously be a first. Nobody living will still be on earth, to know if its facts or not. Will my stuff one day get hot? Come on who cares but when you start writing you can literally take it anywhere you will. I am mostly lazy i keep it local dont stretch my brain, my stuff is all the same oh well. Gonna have a hit, make that brew. Might get back to you…….

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