The good news is that i am in agony due to the intensity of yesterdays workout. I go chemist daily and picked up a leaflet, over 40, live locally and are unfit, join Man City and get free sessions with an ex City player. I signed up and received a free health check which allowed me to join. Apparently i have a ten per cent chance of a heart attack in the next ten years, lower if i could quit the cigs. I am happy with that as i have abused my body in the past. So yesterday was my first session, so i turned up eager to get fit and was not disappointed. We have an ex City player for the womens team training us, and she put us through our paces. In addition we all got a watch that retails at £89 given to us and we track our step progress and it gives updates on all things Man City. Plus we will all be in line for prizes like free match day tickets, and shirts signed by first team players just for attending.

Some big clubs dont do enough for the local community but that can not be said for Man City. They have invested a lot of money in the local area including a college that my son went to for two years. My next training session is tomorrow afternoon and i am enjoying having something to do with my time. The fitter you get the easier it is to say no to drugs so the future looks good for me right now. All in all i applaud City and am taking advantage.

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