The fact that change seemed to happen rather quickly hit me. Had me jumping from a climbing frame into a sand pit laughing, to a hairy youth lost at sea who was always reacting. Trouble came along when i left home at fifteen, all my clothes were pristine. Slave to vanity and i knew it happily, had an answer for all in an instant. Thinking things through was for some one else definately not I. Everyone could see i had issues why should i lie?

Inevitably i built a reputation for myself in my small area, some elders tried to school me but listening to them would always bore me. My ideal was sitting by the camp fire relating war stories. Till the drugs got a grip of me and all i cared about was making money i could score with, i left the warriors and followed a new path on my own. Ashamed i ran away and sold my thousand pound making phone. Times i would be smoking at the same time i would cry and moan. Feeling sorry for myself i stayed alone, embarrased at my lot i left my comfy home.

The night i ran and ran till my heart was fit to burst, if it was a race to the death i was first, panting i had to curse. The drugs dont care who you are thats what i learned. Too late to stop i got burned, ammunition for my enemies i gave it all up, what the fuck! No sense to hide the truth i came unstuck. Since birth i knew bad luck. Thunder roared in my ears lightning cracked across the sky so bright it showed my tears, falling, falling. I was falling yet in the distance destiny was calling, my name some where far away was being called.

The world kept on moving but my days where i felt i had to prove things became memories. Slowly i settled into my role the Gods had chosen, as a child to a man i knew inside i was broken. Over the years i began to understand my emotions, and how to use them. Instead of allowing them to use me i changed it around, at times i was high on heroin we called brown. I moved in the jungle but dropped the baggage and was humble. On top of that i gained empathy and insight and blamed the drugs how can that be right, right? I can say with total honesty and clarity i am a better man than i used to be, even as a druggy. I never stole never borrowed never cheated that was testimony to my character. Tell that to certain people and they laugh at ya. But i know who i am and i love myself completely, and i love my life best believe me. Life is a trip and we all have to live it do it well. Peace to you the reader i send my blessings, never be scared to ask questions. Live your life to the fullest make regret your only enemy. Do it right and it is heavenly,

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