Managing the route is one of many such options, belief can be all consuming, as can grief. The individual with time an ally as opposed to detrimental, will differ on many levels to say, a leader of people, responsible for more than himself. It cant be easy putting the thoughts of others above personal wishes, i bet. Still, you do not compromise on life. There are no apologies to be heard if you stayed true to you. When you have children there is an protocol in place, in around that situation conform but after back away from whats norm cos who is that for, you are born and die alone, no more, no less. Tell me this but whatever you do tell me do this, before i was grown up to this second i am the same person. No better no worse than, when i was young i was dumb. I never liked learning so stayed dumb for so long wouldnt listen. Thank fully we are all different. Always changing, later rather sooner i joined the revolution, delivered in such a way it hit like a bat. You dont forget that. A changed man, total one eighty. You can easily say that she saved me. Eternally grateful, although she was the vessel. The word got in, sparked a whole new beginning. The universe is winning. Picture me winning.

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