Choices play an important role in the life of any  person. For me personally I know my worst ever one. Made with no thought just emotion. Ever since my life you can say has been broken. As a young man I had a modicum of ambition, plus a fair bit of wisdom. Knew I needed to load up on education for a start. To use my brain and not my brawn was in my heart. If I had one wish it was to be a journalist, I was young. After school I went to college. This is where I had to make a choice about my life, did I choose right? I got involved in the drug life, I wanted quick cash, make a bit and go back, was the idea. I maybe should have stuck to the plan but I didn’t. I became addicted to living life as a petty villain, pockets full of cash plus the glory of the street fame. You don’t advertise but everybody soon knows your name, a small part of the drug game. It is completely intoxicating, especially after growing up poor and self hating. Then on top of that you all of a sudden have lots of cash. There was no going back. Did I make the right choice? I made lots of money, bought a house, drove a brand new car, there was a time I had it all. I employed four people as my business got busy it was more than I could of ever asked for, I could not of wished for more. That was until I hit the wall. Taxman at the door waving guns in my face, the day everything changed. Victim of my own success I guess you might say, significant day. From then it seemed to be one thing after another none of them good. The other side of the game came into view quite clearly and my mind became weary.  Changed cities for a few years while I recharged my batteries, ended up with a job in a bakery. Addicted to the life I should have stayed well away. Again it came down to choices, second time around I really should have learned, instead I got burned. Badly. Ended up getting high on my own supply, its all about choices. So listen up boys and girls when it comes to your turn to ,make a choice. Choose wisely. 

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