My name is Luca and I am just passing through, how are you?

Tell me a story about your history or your origin I have no clue

Fill me in on what you do, can you tell the truth, no excuse

What do you mean you come from monkeys, are you junkies

The universe is endless, the reason you are friendless in a mess

  You show your planet so little love all your neighbours up above

Know the level of destruction that you cause, and stay well away 

True every other planet supporting life link up and play together

Dimensions everywhere sharing knowledge extra clever

Move from planets to planet ease of movement slip through time

Children ask about all your crimes against each other, not realising

The fact you humans are colonised by aliens, reptile armies

Move amongst you while despising every  thing about you

Draining all resources that your children need to function

Putting plastic in the oceans, cutting trees of all descriptions

While you all sit discussing, the lie that you call global warming

The universe left clues and warnings, so many symbols

From those before you,    wake up and look around to what is found

Pyramids how high from the ground and so precise, to the stars

There is not a person living that can even now recreate, great

Clues. Like the blind you pass through, deceived like children

Swallow fluoride terminate your wisdom, self inflicted dumb

The villains are having all the fun, at your expense, we all see

The shame you and yours will never be knowing what we do

Unable to reach out to you all we can do is leave you clues

Treaty of the universe only peaceful planets join the Khroos

A band of planets helping each other with trade and common ill

As it has always been your place is topped with sin, a dustbin 

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