The whole drug thing is a sick joke, every single move is mirrors and smoke

It makes sense that it is called dope, tell me the fucking origins of coke

Doesn’t grow in the hood but everyone you meet says it is all good

Its not a trickle but a flood, say hello to the war on drugs, making it worse

Yet locking up the whole black community aint a first, sadly its a curse

There  are people in jail for a smoke politics in the mix give me a toke

Nothing is ever fair in this system, worms in suits making all the decisions

Now you got the county lines added to the mix, hood spreading out new vics

Underage kids, cocky little shits, mostly runaways trying to get paid

Big time dealer shows them attention and they feel important, take a parcel

Jump on a train head to a spot, drop a bag and start to shot and that’s that

Before long they got a Montclere coat and they feel cool, reiterate, fuck school

Children recruited into  the drug life, Instagram and snapchat an all that life

Parents allow it when the kids bringing home the money from the crack house

Plus they know there are no jobs that their kids are going to get Manc to Scouse

Kids in uniform are even better for the dealer, tell the kid its easier, for dealing

The problem is getting worse who is even, looking out for these children

Think of the next generation and then tell me these kids aint worth saving

Growing up in a trap house seeing stuff they shoudnt on a regular basis

So many faces so many places so many police chases hospital cases faceless

War on drugs is hopeless and endless..

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