Well here in East Manchester UK, it is a warm evening and for the first time in a while I am finally getting back to some form of normality. A week or so back I finally recovered from an illness that had me on my back for twelve days. There  were a few times when I assumed I was better only to realise that I was not. Plus when you are the only shopper and cook in the house I lost a fair amount of weight being ill. My daughter fed herself with tins of tuna and pasta for the duration while I was in no condition to eat. Since recovering I have not had the strength to do much until the last few days. This evening as I sit peacefully alone in my living room I can finally begin to see the future again. I have in the past few days rearranged the living totally. Taking pictures from the walls I cleaned the walls then used the last of the paint to brighten up the spaces which had become dark with smoke and age. I then put up the pictures and mirror to my satisfaction so I am now sat in a fresh atmosphere and I also managed to do a little exercise which finally gives me a perspective on my future plans. It is a strange time I am going through these past few months as I dropped meat produce from my diet and have given up tobacco substituting with a vape. Then as recently as six days ago I decided to give up smoking crack cocaine. I don’t know where  these decisions are coming from but I am embracing my new lifestyle with relish. So as I sit here quietly contemplating I am looking forward to the future knowing every day is a new beginning. I wish to give thanks to all my readers who I appreciate totally recognising I am very lucky. Peace to all I am out for now. Goodnight.

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