Magnificent rising on the day of birth the body is conscious of everything

Stars in the sky behold the Zodiac signs each one am I, of Libra most high

God of all the balance is strong in heaven, all to do with the number seven

Soft and gentle the constellation under my ruler from high to earth

Made in the image of Adam the balance means I am Libran

Loving the earth and the body with knowledge of rulers, stars shine

Mansions are many but be exalted in the constellations of the universe

There are too many different religions deceiving plus misleading

The thing is all is in plain sight it is how you intend believing

Turn away from false teachers who would be fine if you turn heathen

Anything but truth will do for the mass of thirty thousand in number

Each decrying the other how can such stories be anything except lies

Today in all my glory look up and you will see the image of me rise

The feet of Jupiter keep me aligned on my spiritual journey

Libra the scales of my story help my mind take in light and glory

To study the ancient teachings that wait patiently for me

Today I am blessed with a new view of Egypt that calls me

Rejecting false proofs instead I wake up and bathe in the truth

You all can turn around and reject the lie of material life

Turn away from the chase of money and slavery for wealth

Instead you can study your body and improve your health

The science of Astrology tells so much in the dialogue

Like a brand new language with a worldly log, remove the fog

The serpent will bite all who reject the nature, look at the world

The destruction it is going through is earthly torture

All I can do is try and warn you.


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