How am I the focus of a police raid, how did that happen. My neighbour, sweet girl as she is has no such surprise yet by me she lives. Why me and not her I ask myself knowing already the reasons quite well. Is it because I have different cars pulling up outside my house and can be seen running out, and back in just as quick? Could that be it, could it, it could be, but that is not the reason 50 came calling. Imagine a friend lives round the corner with his parents and likes to smoke crack but wants to keep it secret. So he knocks my door and asks me to score. It is ok for cars to come mine, he figures because I score already. I always tell the dealers to make it big because it is for Lee and he moans if it is small, so we all know he scores so much for secrecy. The thing is that unless he buys me one I am not phoning for him, here is the problem, for him not me. Begging me as he can only afford one but he will split it in half. I am adamant I want a full one or jog on. Consider, he comes in my home, he is constantly sniffing loudly because he has been snorting cocaine. It sounds horrible and I have to put up with this noise till the dealer arrives. Then if the dealer is not here after five minutes he is constantly asking me to phone them back. He is a pain. One day he calls round with enough to get three, two for him one for me. While waiting he asks if the boys that come to mine would have any work for him because he is skint and needs cash. He is a straight member that goes from job to job but has a gambling habit spending untold on the roulette machines in the local betting shops. He sometimes asks them to bar him he is that bad. Anyway now he asks me to ask if he can work a package cos he needs cash, I ask. He is a big lad so serving up fiends should not pose a problem for him. Yes he can work the same day he gets a package, gets taken to a flat out of town and is told to give the girl a set amount of bits. Apparently the fiends knock on, the girl brings them through to Lee and he serves them up, boom easy. Second day for some reason he leaves the gaff and crosses the road and enters a gaff that is hot. Meaning addicts flow in and out, shoplifters sell their wares only he knows why he was there. The door opens and two feds walk in looking for a certain shoplifter. On seeing Lee they enquire to his name ending with a search finding two parcels, one white one brown, he is going down, boom. His second day. Not a criminal, never been jail, he would crumble like a biscuit. Not enough to accept his lot he will give up anything that may help him get a more lenient sentence, because he is definitely going jail, one hundred percent. So what does he know that will help the feds? Boy X leaves a package at my house, that is all he knows. He gets bail while the parcels get sent for analysis, to be charged when complete. He can not be seen back at his parents home, it is like he has vanished. Two months later boy X gets his house rushed at the same time as my house gets rushed. It does not take a rocket scientist to work this one out. There are no friends in this business. I could be gone for four or five but for circumstance. He couldn’t take his lumps, nobody forced him to work, he asked for heavens sake. Anyway, that is his funeral, he is still going to jail and I will bet the information he gave will not make a difference. This is why my door was opened and ten or more officers walked in two months late.


  1. Close call. I’m sure you’re going to be even more careful in the future because events like this are warnings. You anticipated and took appropriate measures and I’m glad you know how to stay out of trouble.

    1. Yesterday I chose to quit crack and drop any people involved in the whole scene. I asked my son to take my cash card so to involve him means I am serious. I have had enough. I will now live a “normal” life from now. I may have said it before but this time is real. Peace.

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