When you pick up the notebook with an idea of todays topic and completely doing a u turn when ready. I noticed a like on one of my posts so had a look at the post. It was a poem I recently posted so I read it back and enjoyed the experience. Usually I never read anything I have written, well, the odd time I actually will read a poem but it is rare. I don’t know why, there are no superstition’s involved, I will pick up a pen and I start to write. I stop when the words stop. I am pretty lazy I admit but I just write. I don’t go back over anything bar the odd line that I may delete. I don’t perfect stuff I write and post.   The poem was called Tripped Again and it all fit together nicely, made sense, had a nice rhythm and it made me feel something. Today I commend myself on writing a nice poem. How vain is that? Don’t care I love that poem, its a babe. Bye.

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