Bouncing on the balls of the sole agitated with lots of control, twist

Mindless selfish lazy little prick, pick, on the weak, karma works

A treat is in store for cowardly deeds, watch and you will see

So much to nourish empty souls but choose the option have no  goals

Build a name don’t make me laugh we will all watch you crash

Burn in skies of angry purple jumping each approaching hurdle

Fire to fire proclaim floods hurricanes all in your name, specific

Ironic that yours prayers were ignored now you cant stop it

Feels like a disaster and hurtling skewed toward the centre

Angels stop their chitter chatter for a moment lightening

Cracks apart the fierce sky in jagged pieces as by you fly

Motion constant erratic routes follow saints and sinners

Familiar pain here there are no beginners, green clouds

Eyes sucked from sockets longing for release the ride, increased

Gliding lower splashed with salty water from below the seas

Black surges desperate heights rising suddenly you are deciding

Drop into icy wet invisible space tired and cold arms wading

No use breath fading, sinking curious fish pass by unblinking

Uncaring, who cares now how you’re faring deep below ocean

Waters, caught cuz, nature taught us, karma, treat others

How you yourself wish to be treated, reincarnation, hoping

Till then swim deeply and don’t return to the surface

You are not worth it


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