See them at ten, run in the park breaking up fights between friends, back then

Leave school as young teens, truth is outlook for most is pretty bleak

They all head off to various locations no more school vacations,

A few stay indoors locked to x box and play stations, my lad its education

Absent dads mean most don’t have a chance a goal or an ambition

My lad after two years of college goes to Liverpool and university

Most of his old mates stay in the hood and begin the road to play dirty

Due to my crack situation I see them on their progression, serving up

Its crazy that I seen them all grow up, now they in the business

Times they come to mine and use the kitchen, little chef, chopping up

Learning the trade serving fiends from the passenger seat all day

Some drive some serve, growing up not moving from around our way

Eventually they get a bit of money in their pockets well paid

New trainers and a tracksuit and a pocket full of calli weed, made it

No goals above the basic, spend forty pounds with a brass at weekend

Eating Mcdonalds every day killing cells every day not realising

It may look appetising, but that food causes cancer and early dying

See them in the day whizzing past in the car it can seem like they flying

New treads new clothes finish a shift nowhere to go, knock on mine

Just to kill time sitting in my kitchen, I cant help but befriend them

Drop a little wisdom hope they listen but they wont, victims really

Through my eyes I can see clearly, this was always going to be the journey

Blessed my boy is at uni, away from the bullshit and his close friends

That we know from way back in nursery, I used to take him in a buggy

Now the whole scene seems crazy to see his buddys all chasing

No long game my boy got a part time job with a big chain, stacking shelves

To put money in his pocket while he studies hard on the books

His mates went the other way now they small time crooks, they all

On a journey where they end up we don’t know, can guess though

One already got his first sentence, caught with a parcel, no time to plug

That’s when he could have done with a touch of beginners luck

Instead he got stuck with a two, jail time to get used to, a way of life

If  you follow that life, there is not too much that is nice, fights

Watching over your shoulder day and night, don’t sleep right

Without a twenty sack of bud they can light. Soon spending

Like the fiends they be serving, forty sack of bud to be certain

Without knowing they build up a habit on the weed till its needed

Don’t forget some like to sniff coke at the weekend, modern day trend

When they take stock of what they spending, they start fucking

With the rocks that they are selling, snapping tens in two to make

Extra funds, the only victims are the fiends that get a tiny stone for a ten

If their boss finds out what they getting up to it will end, and even though

They think they are all friends, when it come to business, friendship ends

Crazy living for these young men trying to make it in the ends



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