How do I keep up with the programme, you may well imagine it is tough

Work through emotions racing and ranging from anger through to love

Little voice on my shoulder constantly  asking me if I had enough

Another voice telling me to kick the other voice into touch, it gets rough

Determination and a desire to live another life exists in my minds eye

I know if I try hard I can see a paradise, really all I want is a simple life

Walks in the rain and the sun used to be my idea of fun, a cheap date

One thing I know is that I am the master of my own fate, a run

Along the city streets and avenues was what I used to always do

Before the first taste that led me into a life brand new, my first run

Twenty laps around the local park was put in the history books yesterday

Walking and jogging sweating cobs nearly falling lap after lap

Got back indoors and ran a hot bath, first run in years so satisfying

I was totally worn out my heart thought I was dying, only joking

But a run in the park in the morning sun is better than smoking

If I keep the positive vibe I have now i will get where i am going

For now my message to me is to keep it rolling


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