Part of  my plan to improve involves no television watching, don’t know why

Just decided on a certain day and it was incorporated into Gemini. That is the

Name I just thought of to give my evolution, my improvement, no telly

Birds singing in my garden at eight in the evening is new to my ears, pleasing

Spring time season songs twittered out with gusto and repetition, I listen

Feeding my soul to the rafters, I am exercising drinking concoctions home made

Like a police operation I treat my life regeneration with energetic contemplation

Not confusing even if the words I am using make it appear so, definite no

Once you get your mind on board with the idea you have begun the battle

After writing down in pencil on paper my plans to aid my future, I felt good

Today the same large sheet of paper is lay facing me on the table I look

One glass of warm water with turmeric and a little honey, can do that

But, run out of honey eating three bowls of oats last night, little nutmeg

Tasted right. So turmeric without the honey wasn’t nice, but this humble spice

Heals so many ailments it is not about the taste, can I heal our race is it

Too late. I can put a stake in my own fate, cold water one glass half a lemon

Exercise. Ready for the long ride, Gemini hard grind, put the effort in, surprise

Every day a blessing practice meditating as the Earth is plundered beyond saving

We are all created. Around the globe there are dangerous places, invaded

Captured exploited left devastated, loggers and their machines mayhem

To pristine. Villages along the Amazon with no voice to teach the government

What will happen when you allow the land to be scarred and destroyed

There will be an unholy void when you take down the trees, millions

Of lives from insects to leaves there will be the most dramatic kickback

The Earth will come alive with the force of ten nuclear attacks, and we

Deserve whatever we are asking for, cos look what was laid at our door

This planet Earth is the best by far to be sure. We had it all but we wont

Get on. Food enough for all but underhand tactics let half the world starve

An unhealthy respect for so called fame and fortune fuck the rest, let

Children pay the price while wealthy fake philanthropists invest, scammed

They put their own people up top so now nothing stops them when they shop

Black market. The world nowadays exists under a menacing shadow of darkness

When it comes to playing chess I never forfeit, no to the end…………..


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