Level of  intrusion significant but only obvious when turning off the television

Sit back relax and listen. Sound of silence is joyous now ears start to focus

Humming of a bee in the garden blended with the gentle breeze through trees

Heavy rumble  sound high in the afternoon sky as a plane flies by at speed

Easier to plan ahead when the TV is dead also an opportunity to read

Is the population of earth really under attack as I read so many facts, 5g

Is just one form of silent weapon aimed against us, while our habitat is gutted

Then the big push to put smart meters in every home for example

Radiation from the new 5g system is dangerous to humans, nobody listens

So I sound like a conspiracy victim, but I am not wrong about the towers

That’s why they are only installed in the wee early hours, while we sleeping

Listen for a minute to Debora Tavares speaking…………………..

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