The water we drink is full of fluoride. Is fluoride bad or good.

There is a school of thought that says fluoride is no good for human

Then others suggest fluoride is fine for humans, who to believe

Got to find the facts yourself, may help, read the toothpaste

Go to hospital if ingested, that would sound dangerous

Two stories for each concept is told to us, one is no good for us

Right we are not under attack, cities are not folding

There is no epidemic regarding fentanyl in middle America

Just writing it means not a thing, but research every thing

Nowadays the internet brings facts from around the world

Dr Sebi was dragged to court with the intent to have im jailed

An old man of sixty claimed he cured patients from aids and cancer

The judge probably agreed the Dr was probably a form of chancer

The good Doctor produced medical notes and actual cured patients

What would be the reason to keep every day people from truth

This thing involves the food the government and even the schools

Every part of our lives is under more scrutiny lately, cameras

All over watching your each and every movement you make

What is true and what is fake, take nothing for granted

Evil in power at the top once planted, is so hard to remove

Before you take anything in do a quick check for proof

The news. Is the worst for spreading propaganda and schools

The world is in a state of repute act to aid our youth, the truth

Is important to me and important to you.

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