Ask me and I say if you are one of the fallen then I can pass judgement. Zombies sounds all movie like and over the top but watch your peers at any bus stop. City centre, waiting room, bus taxi queue, living rooms riding tubes and then there are those in cars that are one step beyond, one step past gone. They cant stop with the phone when they are driving tell me that is more than alarming, its bloody dangerous. Explain the whole phone thing to me I don’t get it and don’t have a mobile, my choice. Celebrity is everything which just means you don’t need to read or write just be prepared to degrade yourself for the amusement of your peers. Books are shortened so text speak is important, rigorous application process to not be able to pump your lips with botox. The corporations are happy to have populations engaging directly into the phones while they look back invisibly watching. Accelerating the game with direct adverts to touch your soul, they know when you told them your boyfriend was cold. I pass by cartoon people with a full life so substantial it keeps them engaged for the full twenty four hours of the day. Every day. What is so important. Oceans are polluted the air you breathe the trees you need just cos you don’t see are being cut down rapidly. The earth is all about balance and it is known so believe there are no accidents. Every violation is wickedly meant think of it as another push to see how much of a pushback comes back. Under attack.

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