Why am I so aware of my shortcomings instead of being blissfully ignorant

Yes I have dreams and plans and strong desires to accomplish things

Every day I pray I can do, Paul Mooney speaks nothing but truth

Kanye shocks all the youth I love his juice, power is useful spirit loose

Blindly fumbling stumbling readily some one wins instead of me

King of losing cant be beat a million fails sees me easily higher

Crash and burn without the fire, every loss a knife sinks deeper

Reality calls to all long sleepers forget the pills booze and leave us

Crime falls from top to bottom till the very core is rotten

Touching and predictable want to be Dr Huckstable, yesterday

In the end there is no hiding place in a mirror face to face

Monsters white cracked and wrapped clinging tightly tiptoe lightly

Not averse to uncouth cheers my demise to younger peers

Stands as a stark real in front of you feel warning for all that will come before them

Taking up the well worn road spilling blood swearing on code dreaming in gold.

Wearily these things wear on me repeatedly cycle of economy

Same time in each dimension only the mind separates men from vision

The eye is the clue to wisdom in every religion electronic prism

See but never listen accompanied on each and every mission

Roses red Moses fed hurdled dread every step to redemption

Looking out from the top step of the winners podium, only then

Now green tea for added energy Sudoku for my mental therapy

No enhanced mood product will enter me for the foreseeable

Time to leave before I am able I just go and be unstable elsewhereW


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