Invisible stranger is my given moniker I think it suits

I am not given to the wearing of suits it shows

I do not mind if anyone knows, I knew from a youth

I had only a number of practical routes, no timewasting

Step off the conveyor to begin negative chasing

Too dark too light too not right, constantly drown

No there are other ways to enhance my charm

My wit my ready get with it, positive action

Clues in motion lets get this thing rolling

Into the murky world under a world, underground

So even though I may have to pass through

The centre of town, I am not around, unseen

No tax no license no paper to wrap me up

No number attached not known on the system

Yes there are pitfalls and one would be prison

But then there are those who imprison themselves

Chasing day upon day till no longer themselves

And all that is left is a version of self, the wealth

Always just another day or a week or a year

In truth it is done let us all be clear, one in a million

A lottery of chance spreading false hope through to

Men make choices as do women but who really

Can say it is life with wisdom, one must ask of life

One is all we get, no rehearsal, use it well

Slavery we are told ended rightly but yet

Almost nightly under shadow of darkness

Evil exists and people are taken, eyes open

There are those that would wish the earth broken

Even my words are weapons when spoken

Or read, the words in my mind suddenly red.


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