Me, personally speaking, am a straight down the line guy. Speak my mind, not ideal in company but I am so important I sense that quelling the rising indignation easily risen I must add, would affect the equilibrium that exists in both halves of my self. To fight instinct, that is the thing, instinct protects. The universe shifts when every free person resists free will to spare feelings, on an axis of 137.890 degrees towards the valerian belt can cause a shudder in the earth that could open an expanse the world is not prepared for now. No say my piece and prepare to respond to any response coming. So many arguments, fallouts, stubborn boys to men, fighting. Older now I like sitting in the dark on my own watching a good film. Watching “Northern Soul” on telly, set in 70s movie about the scene the music, the dancing, the clubs, it was big. I like walking in the kitchen in the dark in the night, I like the feeling I get. I don’t enjoy giving control away yet I often use the control as my weapon of choice. To my own detriment obviously, realistically I have to try another time, the last time. Stopped the paper slide and am actively positively telling me no. Accepted, by me, I just needed to tell myself to stop. I did. So I did. I have. Life is so cool that each new day could find you not where you are now. Be optimistic, why not, positive energy vibrates on a level humans find appealing. Share and experience the feeling from giving, guess what new way of living, just loving, ever wondered why it is so hard to make friends. Everybody is angry, nobody smiling, good morning, earphones in, boring, start talking, to each other instead of feeding big brother every bit of you and more. Good energy grows and builds brotherhood of man skills. Back to the future when the telly was an invention away and kids would go out to play. Played all day to avoid thinking about the raw hunger in their belly now kids are indoors trapped by the telly, raised and tricked by logarithms to become pawns of the someones. I enjoy writing posts late into the morning, posting. 

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