Hello. If you could see me right now, right now you would

If I could that I should then lets just say its good you cant

Last New year remember drinking alcohol and smoking bud

Dancing till I sat out on a couch and crashed out right there

This year it is me and me and I could not be happier

Earlier I sensed tension but the unspoken grind that builds

Eventually my sometime lodger announced her exit

No sweat hug and have a happy new year take my best wishes

I begin to unwind as it slowly dawns on me I am alone

My daughter walks in the living room so not an empty home

Then adds the missing pieces to the tension puzzle earlier

A mystery for the ages? Magical scrolls guarding ancient texts

Disappearing into the papyrus that has held the words immortal

Twenty seven steps to a door that when entered leads to a portal

Another universe waits at the turn of a word a verb a curse

Of course. Might go my brothers for New year I said, anyone on

No mention of having to attend I kid you not my friends, on

Tonight wants to New year with sisters, happiness witness

Instead it is said she sat on the bed of her daughter, not thoughtful

Don’t want to go there don’t tell your dad, is she mad, I never said

And what kind of who am I to say, but put your girl in the way

We don’t keep secrets takes a lot of effort and nurture learn her

Undo so much good for no good reason you dragging spirits

To some happiness is a real moan and a negative lazy outlook

I am guilty of allowing myself to get hooked, slowly turning

Letting myself hold back my force and my energy draining me

Beware of negative force for it more often overpowers yours

Till you are so far behind looking up, stop this truck!

Writing, sipping rum, taking a hit and back to the ink

Music playing, this is lit. New year this is it and I love it


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