I wish to write an open letter to society.

Hey I can read and write right but to my delight, I am ignorant otherwise

If I had to give an account of my time on earth what have I learned

How can I endow my future people with aids I can leave, after upheaval

The beginning would be a place to begin but time is disputed among men

So I will try to pass on my origin as human except I need to be right

Slight problem. I may as well be devoid of sight, as if totally blind

Not just me its a question for all of mankind, blind leading the blind

Humans in my time are under attack with a view to genocide, other side

Hidden behind government agencies that are secret enemies of people

In general. No clue to our origin in evolution, or to our creator in religion

Many stories many lies deception going back to the start of my life

Humans answer all of life’s  mysteries but not where we are from

It makes no sense we know not from where we come, come on

Some have the real truth but why is it hidden, libraries of the vatican

Sinister is the basis for all cloak and dagger matrix, just tricks

Media enforce propaganda keep humanity in a deep slumber

Lock up survivors give them numbers, no food keep them hungry

Is it me or am I right to be afraid of the 5g, spreading over the country

The smart grid put in place to fry the population, sorry son

Can it be real that the cabal have an agenda to decrease population

Look at the capstones with the information not hidden, nazi

Symbols make the shape of the new airport in Denver, underground

City for the elite when the radiation comes down, all around signs

Fema camps hidden all around for what, coffins all piled up

The end is near I have no fear but I have to make it clear

Beware as your rights slide gradually into the distance, for instance

Phones that track you, apps that hack you, watching over you

Take action be prepared but don’t be scared chances are they fail

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