Information in the code of the DNA, from primitive to sensitive

New proof is now readily available, although masses not capable

Of escape from the matrix capitalist system in which we are existing

Something missing in this prison, free thinking with new information

Not ridiculed but open ears available to listen, to truth or another vision

Theories create division from evo to religion, teach both to the children

Have them reach their own conclusion, open mind lets use them

Design patterns scientist try their best to disprove, yet they have no proof

Automated air correction,  cell has 207 proteins involved in making sure the dna

Is copied right if not, something in that should not be, like a spellcheck

Proteins come in pull it out and put the right nuclear tight in there.

There is so much info hidden to the “public” ask Smithsonian institute

Threaten schools and academia to push your theory formula, man

Would love to have access to the libraries in the heart of the vatican

Illusion and spin can control a population like mass hypnosis

Try to explain new ideas and find yourself on a CIA FBI hit list.

Just the amount of secrets that they keep make me curious

Don’t know the truth but will work hard at this and reach my conclusion

Might take a while but I got brains time to use them

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