I am sick of not knowing, always arguing this point and that, all the time

Someone is hiding the true facts, there is no point arguing with each other

Look around the world they have brother fighting against brother, for what

It does not matter it is part of a world plot, and it is getting closer,

We need access to all information across the globe, cos we don’t know

Why. Who says we cant, how have they got the say so, kept fighting

Over stuff that doesn’t matter, all the while the earth gets sadder

The earth feels like it is on the brink, so much going on, hard to know

How to think, terror waged across all borders, radiation war upon us

Relics suggesting the history of the world has been altered, underground

Cities, FEMA camps all across America, and what about the weather

HAARP really learned the lesson, and now weather is a weapon

Spying on the nation without the people having a say, thanks NSA

Then NASA and the fraudulent transmissions, any real missions

Are a secret from the populations, they hide everything, confusing

No one knows what’s lies from truth and that is the job of the media

All we know is what they feeding us, plus, obvious agenda by police

On black people in the states, the whole world is in a bad state

I need o know but I think it may be too late!

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