So much of life is a mystery, certain days its a trip to me, others just dreary.

At times I can be so cold inside so fucking angry, spaced out planetary.

Then numb to the world completely, body and mind juxtaposed black rose

The destruction of earth happening right under my nose, colonies exposed

Throw off army clothes, through business deals recession grows, austerity

Poor people destiny, gangsters dressed as bankers working for an entity

No love for humanity, to end us is  their goal, weapons called poverty

No end to the misery, two parents working to support a modern family

Always away from home, latchkey kids grow up all alone, got latest phone

Plus accessories, we are being exterminated quietly, shout for the right to be

Owner of a voice to be heard, cos we can still have the last word, word

Join the fight against fracking, or the fight to save the planet, fight

Join your local political party so you can fight from the inside, don’t hide

Do not be isolated on your own that is what they want, join together



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