It takes all kind of people in fact it takes the world of people, for what?

For anything, anything call it, did your bird fly away, leave you

Feeling some way, would you feel better if I sang you a lullabye

Whispering hush as the moon watches on till you find, that sweet sound

Imagine a human biodiversity circle young to old connected by seven

Even at the worst we come out best, our pain and joy are our testament

Every thing we do just reflects back to us showing every bit of us

Every man and child and woman is going to be needed, it will be brutal

There is me not disputing the facts but you cant escape reality, vanity

The media clamour like rats down a sewer, distorted like a mirror

Ugly, but we can be stubborn, some thing you’ve never seen, believe

Together we leave our ego at the door and become so enamoured, shining

All at once it is blinding, and this time we are in, we have not had it better

Dance away the time whistling merry rhymes, share it all about, do it now

I have a need to know, in case we never meet again, that is time now

Imagine what it could have been, imagine, daylight floods the room

Truth reveals its secrets that damage those with a wish to keep it, pointless

Curious that some one actually decided, but it is not the only curiosity

Far from it, we endure hurricanes, worse now not like before, fracking

Hell, the wildfire spreads while trees goes down all over the world

We all need to be fed, at the expense of the wildlife, who cares

If there are no Orang-utans left in the wild living high in the trees

Little baby orangs clinging on to that long orange hair fur, humming

No fucking Jaguars strolling through the dense forestry like a boss

No fuck all that! We come first and must be fed, burn that forest dead!

I can see a picture on an I phone I suppose, it will take all of us

Man woman and child we are being hypnotized some how, wake

Soon there may be nothing left just us in a bubble cos we polluted

The actual air we were breathing, I can see that now, I can can you



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