I was just wondering to myself and trying to remember if I exercised regularly over the years. Then I remembered my son telling me in an argument one time that “you don’t even exercise anymore”  The past year or two I know that I will always find myself stretching first, touching my toes a few times, then I go into a workout, it is something I have always done, even when bad on heroin, those years. Never joined a gym, when I was in my teens I played football for a few teams, and ran cross country. Into my twenties I would every so often go on a long run, I absolutely loved running, there is something about being in the zone, you have control of your breathing, your pace and your rhythm, you become like automated. When in those moments the mind can go anywhere and does, I read a book in school, “The loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” and the descriptions were the best I have heard to describe that feeling of freedom when running. Not for me the treadmill, I like the fresh air, the wind, the rain even, and just moving through it all evenly until nearing the end you push hard to exert every ounce of energy left inside you, dropping to the floor just as your legs turn to jelly and cant stand for a moment. I guess that need for exercise has always stayed with me because I am always doing some thing whether it be stretching without any aids, and other times just begin squats, or sit ups,  press ups, nothing major but at least once a week. When my son was three I remember playing football with him all the time, one summer day we were in the park from ten in the morning till six in the evening. The park was facing our last house yet we stayed out, I think his mum brought us drinks from the house. Come to think of it we spent a lot of time in that park. We practised goalkeeping by the fences, we played football tennis in the tennis courts, we regularly set up goalposts opposite the house on the grass, yeah you can forget how much time you actually spent, maybe that is why he is at university now studying sports science, you never know. There are not too many kids that go uni from our sides and I get people in the street asking after him and telling me how I have done well, I get a little embarrassed but later I tell myself that I did have some thing to do with it, but it is all him really. I see his friends almost every day and they always ask after him, I say he is good. I phoned him yesterday and he was in the library, it makes me smile, I used to spend a lot of time in the  library when I was younger. I went for the love of reading books, he is there for research and work so he took it up a notch, joke. The library is a good place to be, I always had a strange but nice feeling going in a library, when I was around ten, lived in Chorlton, the library I went to was in an old building and it had those doors that go round when you step in a compartment. As you move to inside it felt like another world, instantly the noise from traffic ended and there was a peace, then all the aisles of books and comfy beanbags to sit on and read, you can probably tell, I loved it in there.

Anyway going off topic there, yes exercise, do I regularly exercise and the answer is yes.

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