Took on the role after a fair amount of searching my inner soul, not cajoled

Open eyed recognised the dangers and the pitfalls that could occur, partner

Concurred. Weighed our options planned our movements carefully,

Although we were not considered part of the criminal fraternity, really

Crack and heroin had changed the persona of what a criminal would be.

The class A drug landed in the place where we grew up socially, coincidence

That addicts from across the country flooded into Moss Side daily, don’t know.

But the culture spread like Californian wildfire, folk you would not believe

Getting hired,  by young teens with stacks of cash, making them want to try it.

Before the drugs came up on us the main gangsters were all armed robbers

Big physically fit young men much more than mere hooligans, they planned

Lots of training and regular runs, add to that their use of guns, hold up men

Around the way they set the latest trends, with cash they made,, kids

Wanted to be like them, and join the trade, every one wants that pay

Lots of cash for little work, lots of risk, get away so many perks, girls

The respect on the street from their peers, in a six by six we don’t see the tears.

Now though things began to change, in Moss Side Cheetam Hill and Whalley Range.

Kids as young as fifteen making twice as much green from serving fiends

Harder to get caught as well, cops show up just drop and bail. Even if caught

They have to prove its for sale, you can say it is for your own personal use

The odds were all in favour of the dealer, police needed lots of squealers

People who would not dream of getting involved with an armed blag team

Joined the ranks of newly established drug dealers, it was like a fever

Hit the ends and every one and their friends grabbed a bag of drugs

Chopped it up and set up shop. Business was on the doorstep,

Step outside the front door early morning, end up falling into groups

Of fiends with pockets full of green, wanting to score and get out of there

So easy it wasn’t fair. Imagine buying a bag for a hundred pounds one night

Chop it up into three hundred pounds next morning,  sell it all before midday

Two ton profit day after day. Back in bed by one, wake at night begin again.

Just one example of how easy it really was, the whole area felt the buzz

Money it would not have been possible to acquire in a year before class A

New drug new day, it changed the way people played, created new job titles

Armed robbers changed their victims, robbing folk that cant use the system

To complain, tell the police and have to explain, how they had such wealth

Easy pickings easy victims, drug dealers began to listen, buy up guns for protection

All change time for the new direction, eighties came with class A wisdom.



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