It is one hell of a system that pertains to keep people enslaved or in prison

All the while the majority have no idea instead they just support the economy

Seven in the morning freezing cold outside see your breath when yawning

Into the car or jump on a bus, maybe walk ride a bike whatever one trusts

Pittance after seven days you know it, slave to the system that wants to kill

The game is so tight simply outrageous kid us with vaccine get to the babies

Every age creed or sex is  a legitimate target reach extends as far as far is

To repeat their goals and acknowledge them as the evil clan they truly are

Can encourage sympathy and pity and stern admonishment from worry

The circle is complete further nations for the most part admit defeat

Stay in the game take the medicine hand the worst to loyal citizens, austere

My point is why am I not extremely happy with all I have going for me

Makes no sense. Life is heaven sent, yet murder poverty misery relent

Then there is the abundance of the world split between so few criminal

Bankers witches media built superstar bitches prey of those with riches

The facts on humans kept hidden so those that will can use them, labour

Workforce, to keep us not thinking we are allowed to watch sports

Taken from Romans gladiators fighting and dying in public arenas

Most of the days are spent chasing tails, stray from the laid out path

Jail waits and it is not pleasant it is not supposed to its just more torment

Chase away by all means choose which way for you, me I am through

I need to feel my heart sing and swell with love for all that life brings

I want to smoke a fat spliff first thing in the morning, remedied useless

I want to walk through the park and along the canal wander aimlessly

Spend a day blitzing my house with every type of stuff for cleaning

Watch Lewis Hamilton drive and win grand prix as a serial winner

I want to walk to peppers aand get cooked chicken and rice for dinner

When the police drive by and decide I am a candidate for scrutiny

Stop and wave and bring them over to me, teach them basic courtesy

Don’t want to hear lies in the media showing children’s cries propaganda

Create and partake in massive military conflict, push the agenda, pretend

To, care and deny involvement two weeks later found out its your government

Regardless they get away with murder on an industrial scale, alternative jail

Surprised there are any folk left outside or alive, population explosion

Reason the elite look for ways to keep frozen, cryogenics science fiction

Too much money not enough compassion for fellow humans, ruins

Tell a story you have to read them objectively to come up with truthful

Theory, that would be the only way you have chance to see clearly

History is not the same as the books say, if you start right there

What more is there to say……………….



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