After Bill Cosby they can touch anybody. Beware of the stare,

There was a public lynching in 2018, fairer sex acting mean.

Charlie Sheen owned up to passing on AIDS, he didn’t see jail

Class action I think aimed one way, Bill wanted to be television

Had a vision. All over we hear only one voice, people got no choice

So his plan to have an alternative voice, imagine CNN lost for words

All their lies openly spoken, American top brass sweating and choking

On expensive cigars, Bill was never gonna get far, don’t know why he

Persisted, ego, or a crusader for truth, and love of the next generation

Thirty women in court have a much different notion of Dr Huckstable

First they take his good name, rub it in the mud, put him to shame

Then they recruit a well meaning movement that started out truthful

Got took over by subversive people, it was public not nice thank fully

He is going blind and possibly didn’t see all the cameras turn up for his downfall

So many lies in court the whole thing was a sham, it just shows

Americas plan for the future, no person will be allowed to operate

Any media station, we are in the grip of one voice, one agenda,

Men have a lot to do with women and yes vice versa, he was famous

CNN gave a platform for every victim that’s against the law, joke

No fire without smoke, he had the funniest jokes, but the laughing

Subsided, when so many victims got on the ride, bet he is glad he is blind

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