I am ordinary daily in a conforming kind of way, basic, but I have to face it,

On other days I am different, wont listen, full of fuck the system, not conforming

Giving warnings, to all who will listen, sharing my idea of wisdom, christian

Two or three people exist in my skin, twist and I have changed once again

Friends, so called cant understand, why I say talk to my hand, then other

Times I relate and they unload their problems until late, I am a victim

Of my emotions, tides of the oceans, in and then I am out, howl at the moon

Traits, that at times make me the joker, and others the crack smoker

Control, I just roll with the flow, here it is there I go, two three or one

Take each day as it comes, sunny a bright disposition, happy as a lark

Inside my head can get really dark, when I scare me with deep thinking

Weight on my shoulders I stand back and look at me sinking, further

Nobody to call, after all, I am not normal, say what is normal anyway

Well how I felt yesterday seemed ok. Can I blame my upbringing

Or should I drop that mode of thinking, questions galore, ruin my mind

Wasting time all the time, funny I can be so unkind and without feeling

Then beat myself up for being so mean and, try to analyse my being

Life is for living, I know that, so why do I use crack, answer me that

Judge me I will not listen, hide behind my addiction, so weak, neat

The way I compartmentalise my existence, I am so normal, am I not

I spin till I am sure my heart will stop, then I am falling, am I boring

Can you hear the inner child inside me calling, what a shame, for him

The gentle breeze along the waters edge is refreshing, like washing

New me now there’s no stopping, a juggernaut rushing, move over

Full of myself, blink I can be some one else. All in a moment, confusing

Its the same for me and the reason or excuse I make for using, loosen

My tongue, my inhibition, now I feel part of some thing, moaning

Rolling along day after night, at least my future looks bright, some mornings.


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