I was disturbed when I first realised my colour disturbed, some

Took a while, I was not used to this then, slowly it sank in

My arrogant proud confident swagger took a stutter, step

Back in time, found out early some love is a crime, love is blind

I was told in a disgusted tone, stick to your own kind, go home

Visiting the area of a girl from school, she was crazy, sexy cool

Mesmerising, green eyes, we passed notes in school time, her friend

To mine, across the maths class we caught eyes and smiled.

It all led to a visit from me into her territory, she couldn’t come mine.

Fourth floor, lifts smell of urine most of the time, imagine the shame

There I walked along her road, a neighbour must have been startled

Panicked and called up the feds, dangerous looking school lads

Infiltrating, planning to burgle stop them taking, over the street

Well the cops wasted no time me and my mate, put on innocent eyes

Crooking his middle finger he beckoned us over, toward the car

Me and my mate knew if we ran we would not get far, here we are

When we established there had been a misunderstanding,

Instead of an apology he came up with a warning, stick to your kind

Stay away from this side of town, you are not wanted,

I could not believe what my ears heard, the nerve, the cheek

My blood started boiling I began to speak, I got pulled away

My mate. In my head I was going to get him sacked,

He will be on his knees apologizing, I will give him a look

Freeze him, how can he get away with something so unjust

Eventually my mate got fed up, told me to shut up, kindly

You cant and wont do anything and that is  how it is and you know

Please leave it alone, lets get the fuck home, out of this area

Rode the bus home, told my dad and that’s when I knew

There was really nothing to do, get used to it, true, got older

Never forgot the day I was stopped by a racist cop, before

It was the norm, that was the day I watched my innocence fall.



  1. This stupid situation just drives me crazy. This same old story, over and over, even nowadays when we should all know better, the persistence of this neandrethal

  2. …thinking when anyone with half a brain knows how ridiculous it is… just maddening… and I’m even white!!

    The injustice of it all, the travesty of it in a supposed enlightened democracy, the obvious narrowness of mind, its implausible persistence despite all we know, how does this keep going on and what will it take to finally free humanity from this kind of perverted thinking?

    I just don’t know how you deal with it when it bothers me so much and I’m not even targeted. Perhaps I feel it so intensely because I’ve always felt like I was “foreign” and “different” and I never “fit in” with most groups. If my fellow humans are so small-minded that they behave this way with their neighbors, how can I trust them to treat me fairly either?

    Sorry about the rant, but this issue really gets under my skin – most people are (or at least want to be) good and kind, but the blatant disregard for all human values that shows itself in these attitudes makes me fear for humanity’s future.

    Of what use are “enlightened” values and ethics, when they are instantly jettisoned when a fellow human being has a different hue to their skin, the absolute exterior of our physical bodies? What about all that lies underneath, the hopes and fears and loves that live inside every single one of us? To judge it all just by the color of the wrapping is a sign that something is very broken, possibly beyond repair. To me, it qualifies as a sign of mental illness.

    We humans are not nearly as evolved as we’d like to think… and it seems to only be getting worse 😦

    1. It appears to be so extreme in the U.S.A, blatant police brutality while being filmed, no indictments. Never mind, worse things happen at sea, bless you Zyp

    2. I think media helps subtly perpetuate old adages that filter through the generations, no doubt you feel how you do due to being a “foreigner” and understanding being made to be aware of your “foreignness” We either grow or live with that chip, peace to you my fellow human,lol

    3. We can lead by example my friend, which is what you do with your posts, just helping others as we go along, I was going through some older posts and came across your reply, rant as you say. I took time to slowly absorb your words and I could feel every thing you said as they were written. I could see your real frustration with the situation and really appreciate you taking time out to deliver such a heartfelt response. I suppose if we are nice to every one we can rise above petty mindless opinions and show how it should really be. Again, thank you Zyp for your time, its great and something more. Take care friend.

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