Connecting is key to humanity and how we go out will just reflect the insanity or supposed wisdom of our connection to the system. There were those took it they were the system some kind of chosen and they could play as if they were magicians that could reverse all the tricks that they tricked us with in the beginning. The very beginning was a joke but for centuries if any body knew they never spoke. That connection that at times needs total separation in order to start fresh seemed best. Many heads failed the test and now begins an era of reflection. The energy we possess when en masse we all protest is  a weapon known to the enemy and there is a remedy of action ready. Divide by any means necessary the language of the future, I am just trying to keep up. Positive vibes between two entities try to minimise any personality always give off something like electricity,  atmosphere can be charged at times people know this, it is kind of obvious. If I close my eyes and concentrate the power of a moment I can pull out at any moment fills me with an energy I could use positively casually. Every thing can have two meanings be open and versatile to new beginnings, every thing happened in a moment. From then on adapt and you own it, welcome, change nothing about it. The connection between us humans can go too far I can sequence the steps of vanity and the lineal fraternity simply deemed unnecessary to the programs. Simplicity is radical truth is only spoken by fanatical humans, but when I say whats up to another human in the morning and I have not long woken, from a beautiful sleep, I am beholden, to notice some sense of some thing, I could attach it with an emotion but that would be to diminish the whole thing, taken in its most simple form its just “good morning”  To be old fashioned I think it is charming, reckless abandon with my inner emotion would at once be every second action, now I pour just a fraction. These are words been spoken.

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