Change is constant change is time, every minute times are changing. End of spring I was waiting for my boy’s return from training. Happily my state of mind kept my feet an inch off the ground when walking. Reality can be jarring as what used to be playful sparring turned  vitriolic, words at once platonic, now carried pain in every sonnet. Designed reaction knew one way only and this kicked in, the lonely phoney. Problem is inner soul provides no hiding place for you to go and hide. So bit by bit you ride the ride to the inevitable end not knowing final destination. There  appeared  some dark nights and days to be traversed not nice at the time. Fighting walls that were decades in the forming just beginning would be daunting. Knowing the beauty on the other side like a sword along for the ride used as leverage for a quest. Many fruitless  hours spent fighting change trundled into range, I exhausted every option and through it all I caught him occasionally using the humanity emboldened with an honesty and bricks slowly started falling, in a way I heard my own dad calling. Tears spilt on the road but every one had to be exposed, the anger the pain the misery from where they came were littered with abandon. Looking back at shadows of useless phantoms, no fear no reach, giant leaps leave them to themselves. Passed the test now is best. Four energy captured the humanity shared the fun physically, now I join the entity of family. PEACE


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