If you start to fight against an enemy that has been preparing, waiting for you for the last two thousand years then you really should have an ideal plan going forward. Nothing is impossible, the world boasts many examples of what is possible. Study the quarry, know your target, strengths, weakness, prepare moves like a chess champion. Always steps ahead, step ahead get a head, remove the head. Organise the troops, every one know what they must do, inner heart wars for truth, vaunted. Knights and squires, metal shields funeral pyres, rising thickly smoking tyres. Dragons slain in stories of valour and chivalry told to tame the energy. Stories told stories hidden so much written so much still forbidden. Centuries have dimmed the keystone knowledge given all, twisted truths logical deception, war on minds keeps us guessing. History twisted thousands of words secretly scripted till scholar after scholar gets lost and gives in, accept conventional wisdom. Lead in the water keep the masses dumb and docile, young and black a victim profile. Keep the confusion heightened less people learn the truth and fight them, removed the spiritual key that allowed indigenous peoples to survive with the land as equals. Genocide trusted tried and used today still just more snide and sneaky, why no like me. Yesterday I could know my connection completely, joined with all around me birds and trees. Fluoride facts are used with so much conviction that it is hard to ask folk to listen. Calcify my third eye, but what about the first two eyes and what they see, watch the pope in the city of eternity, pine cones sit from start of humanity in such grandiose sanctity. The true meaning is still disputed truth still rooted with connections diluted. So confusing reason why we are still losing. Knowledge is power that is no secret but powers that be keep the secrets. Fight the good fight keep connecting with nature and ask yourself to be your saviour.

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