I wanted nothing to do with your beliefs but that was never going to happen

Burdened from the womb this existence is so uniform, fuckin’ norm

I have no wish dissin a priest or thinking about how a bush could combust.

Or wondering if I would go to hell for taking care of the focus of my lust.

I just, want to be me but how the hell do I begin to get my mind free

Inducted in to the church it now becomes tricky to ask certain questions

To myself, it takes an evening full of meetings by myself, before I fall asleep

Exhausted and without being any further than when I started, keeps recurring.

Chewing on the seat of the lady in front in church on a Sunday, around ten

Told this and that about sin, told stories of Richard the Lion Heart, crusading.

Told of hordes of moors  and muslims invading, Pope began a war on Jerusalam

Yesterday I still felt the need to sit and prove to them, I come from the heart

Jesus and his father God will always be a part of me, praying since three

Internally I struggle while accepting my role in the bigger universe, first.

My metamorphosis is not hypothetical it truly exists, growth fits.

It is what being human is all about, and even though we change

Looking back is to blame, ironic if you can get on it, anyway, Milky Way.

Full moon, blue cool, crescent moon, cant forget Sunday school, pathetic.

Brainwashed indoctrinated, took me forty years before I knew a thing about it.

I lose, starlight and Hailies comet, shooting star, different planets, I win.

Big bang dinosaurs head full of lies trying to make sense of it, losing

Never give in, human, winning, me my questions, my doubts and bad days

Power to my good days, power of earth, power of truth power of me power of you.



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