11mins 10 secs. That is my fastest Sudoku completion ever. Mixture of fresh mind easy puzzle today. I am in good nick today, feeling good and I assume it is because due to my son and daughter both having birthdays recently my smoking has been virtually nil. I have put weight on my face visibly and have been exercising and cleaning relentlessly. Although according to my boy I am lazy, even though his clothes were washed and he never washes his plates and he does not have to pay his way while at home because I respect his diligence. How he has the cheek to even say I am lazy is beyond me, we have a large garden which is in a tidy condition, no help from either of them, the stairs the rugs the whole house is constantly clean and trust me it is not easy keeping a house clean. I mean wiping down paintwork, doors, mopping, washing, hovering, I was so angry inside when he came in last night and began criticizing. Inside I was fuming but I decided to respond with silence. My reason for posting is to get it out instead of keeping it in and letting it play with my emotions. Actually I feel better for writing it down. I am out.


  1. Silence is so often the best immediate response, especially when someone has triggered your anger or resentment or fear, emotions that seem to demand immediate action. You can always respond later after you’ve had time to think about not just what you *want* to say, but what words could best achieve the desired result.

    It’s almost scary to know that once we’ve said something it can never be unsaid. That realization has held me back (but only sometimes) from blurting out words that might certainly be true, but that only add fuel to the fire.

    Especially in parenthood, expressing anger or even defensiveness does little to improve the situation, whereas biding your time might even allow the other party to realize their own foolishness. Your lucky kids are getting the benefit of the wisdom you’ve picked up throughout your “colorful” life.

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