Amy Winehouse died too soon, I feel her sat alone in my room, genius

Miss, and a shame, but that is the price some of us have to pay for the game.

We, I think were the same, there is no one to blame her life was in the lane.

Mine is in another, I would have liked to be her older brother, protect her

From herself and the leeches that wanted the wealth, her genius created

So I stated what I stated, I sit here writing and thinking, what I did

Today,  I attended R.A.M.P  I needed to attend, tried alone too often

Words spoken. Open minded I gave it a try although misgivings linger.

I don’t see myself as a bad person never have never will, I like the thrill.

I don’t steal, yes I do I steal time I cant get back, flat on my back, thinking

Splendid isolation drinking in my memories instead of making new ones

Done it is done, my so called fun, is killing my children, that is my sin.

Sinking, just one more time, when will I learn to leave my fears

Where they belong, Lord help me find my strong. Pass it on, be gone.

Coping, mechanism, aware of my triggers, bang bang, sniggers

Help myself, to help myself, give me a hand and a friendly face, care

For me, guide me gently through this insanity, see me through

To the other side, it is such a crazy ride I call my fucked up life.

Leave it alone bury it once and for all inside, I alone can hide, society

Deride the addict in me, set me free, once and for all, its my call.

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