The times she had a blanket and would never let it go at night

The colour was grey originally used to be bright white, I had to sneak

The thing from her tiny gripped fists after she had fallen asleep

Replacing the blanket with a pillow case the race was then on

Wash and dry the blanket replace it again bfore the rising sun

Crazy times but it had to be done, those are the things that were fun.

When she was a baby she took a while before her hair grew

Short blonde hair looked good against the shape of her face, I asked

Her mum if it was normal that her hair had not grown yet, fret

About every little thing when she was a baby, now she is a lady.

Walking to school in the autumn she loved to walk through leaves

When she was a little older she had a thing for climbing trees,

Always the same as her brother for coming home with dirty knees.

Lived facing a park she spent a lot of time playing out in the sun

One day she trapped her fingers in the car door, should have seen me run

Forever nervous as a dad follow her around like a lost lamb, damn

She was my precious little girl I treated her like porcelain, taught her in

The ways of the world, now she is my grown up little girl all woman.

All of a sudden, there it is, where did the time go, when did she grow.

There was the teenage drama and it was totally different from the boy

I learned so much, be cool even when I was really annoyed, I grew so much

Helping her grow so much. Now I know it is not over, but it is a milestone

Give her a kiss on the cheek tonight as she stepped into the taxi ride

Even though she was meeting a boy I felt a sense of pride, I raised her

Cared for her watched over her, kept her safe as I surely could, now

She is eighteen and its all good. She tells me the truth about her missions

Helps me stay calm and I am not up all night just wishing, she has a confidence

And a little arrogance that bodes well for her future, behaviour I am used ta.

My little girl is all grown, and I done a good job, and I am safely knowing

The world is at her feet already, and if she stays calm and steady,

Then I think she will be fine, tonight I think of memories, but give it

A little time, and I will be focusing on her future, to help her in the next


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