What is the golden rule for writing a blog post, a great title maybe, brilliant advice to share or some other piece of interesting detail to offer the reader, well the answer is beyond me. I have no wish to sell anything I just need to unload stuff on my mind some times. I write stuff down and I feel better in myself. I never edit a thing after writing, I may quick check the spelling when I complete a post but that is as far as I go. When I write I just empty my head at that moment. Times I produce a piece of writing I think is impressive but mostly I produce some mediocre stuff. The fact is though that I have no vision to keep to a particular level, I just write what comes out, I never sit for any length of time pondering my next line or sentence I just write instantly.

I am sorry to say I don’t write for my readers, I write for me because I want to get stuff out of my head and this is how I do that. If I wondered what my reader would think then I would not be able to write. Some one wrote, “how to write a great blog post” and on reading it I found that I am not doing this for the same reason as most “bloggers” I am virtually anonymous so I can write things down with no regard. It is some thing I have to do so if I don’t get the world of followers I am happy because that is not my goal. I enjoy getting likes and comments but I could not change my ways to increase my follows because then I would be writing for others and not myself and my interest would surely wane. I like writing about stuff relevant to me and my life and appreciate any person that takes time out to read me. Other than that I just write. PEACE and blessings to all. OUT.

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