Wore on, gritted teeth, deep heavy breath, forward on relentlessly

Intensively, scratched and torn, rubber soled shoes well worn, tread

Lightly, sped along haphazardly, glancing, this way and that, sweat

Profuse, damp clothing hung loose, head in the red, confused. Stop

Shallow breathing, duck down in the distance figures shouting, dogs

Barking, tracking, racking the brain for immediate answers, thankless

Climbing, not the answer, try to breathe slower pant less, hopeless

Need to make less noise, want to stop, use force, to keep it moving

Turn west, remove shoes, thumping chest, throw shoes eastward

Move on, get good and far away from this place, this dangerous space

Don’t look back, let nothing get in the way of escape, never too late

Far far away from danger, live life quiet as a stranger, in a new moment.


  1. I can really feel the stress In this piece.

    And your idea about “live life quiet as a stranger, in a new moment” makes me think about how, when we change ourselves, we become new and a stranger to the outside world, which then puts us into a new moment of our own journey.

    We humans don’t live in an individualized bubble – we act upon and are acted upon by everything around us, especially other people. How we interact with and react to the outside world are defining characteristics of our personalities.

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