Fading away derelict from life, shouldn’t happen got a duty to survive.

But enemies at the door bring forth the suffering heard in cries, crisis

Barely alive, overloaded spirit hit for the last time, camels back broke

That final straw, so close now, falling is that the floor, coming for me

Shadow to my side, look to my left and to my surprise, I saw a light

Then a smile, there was no more time, I feel like I have never felt

The ice I use for a heart begins to melt. so I was supposed to survive

Its quarter past five in the a.m, I cant pull my eyes away, witchcraft

You hold my hand and look into my eyes, that reminds me when I fell

You told me I was special, it was ten past nine, and I cant pull away

Blind. The world fell behind I sped ahead, and suddenly my past was dead.

You led, I followed not understanding how I feel, but for you I was a willing fool.

You knew. Every day a new surprise, a love believed lies, right before my eyes.

A kiss that brought pain and urgency, a look, and a touch, made me feel good

You understood. You gently took away the confusion hurting my head.

Locked  together in the dark lay on your bed, the tears fell, hurt left

Those days were the best. Now here in the dark in these lonely hours

I use the healing from you to still refresh my powers, no more tears

All my fears explained, so many lesson I learned, aid me now, I intend to keep it.

Just the look on your face had the power to erase a power of pain, my gain

Angels come and go and they are welcome, but just once in your life

The key to succeed in your life comes around, and you will find, you have been touched.

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